Online Therapy in California

Salinas-Based Virtual Practice Serving New Parents Throughout California 

Signing up for weekly 45-minute sessions is a time commitment in and of itself — and it's one you've decided is worth it.  Commuting to and from therapy is something you'd be happy to avoid if possible.  You'd rather spend that time resting, cuddling your kiddo, or checking something off your to-do list. 

Your time feels more important than ever. 

Whether you're pregnant or have a new baby in the house, you're wanting to be selective about how often you come into close contact with others who may be carrying the virus. With in-person therapy often being a close contact activity (long periods of time with another person in a small space), you may prefer to meet virtually for your own health or the health of your family.

You're doing your best to limit your exposure to COVID.

The challenges of new parenthood are intense and unique. You want a therapist who specializes in supporting new parents and who "gets" you. There are therapists in your town, but after reading through their listings or websites, you haven't found anyone within driving distance that truly feels like a good fit for what you're looking for. 

It's been hard to find a therapist near you who feels like a good fit.

I've got your back.

In my virtual practice, I help new parents throughout California develop practical strategies to navigate the transition to parenthood.  I am certified in telemental health through Person Centered Tech and seek out ongoing training to offer you the best care possible via the internet.  Whether you're pregnant, have a new baby at home, or are returning to work, your time is precious.  I'm here to offer you convenient, effective, and HIPAA-secure support.

I'm Kayti, a telemental health certified therapist in California.

We'll connect via privacy-protected telehealth software and secure direct messaging through my client portal.

Your privacy is important to me.

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If you want to get a feel for what online therapy is like, click below to schedule a no-commitment virtual consultation.  I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about starting online therapy and help you create a plan for next steps.