Transition to parenthood with clarity, confidence, and creativity.

But really, the transition to parenthood is so much harder, messier, and more vulnerable than you expected.  If you're being honest, you're feeling disconnected from yourself, your loved ones (including your baby), and your pre-baby life.  You wish you could enjoy this season of life with your family, but instead feel overwhelmed with big feelings like fear, anger, guilt, shame, resentment, loneliness, or grief.       

From the outside looking in, you are CRUSHING this new parent thing.

You feel like all of your energy is spent fighting against or distracting yourself from these intense emotions.  This isn't what you imagined or hoped for when you decided to become a parent.  You've tried talking to your partner, but they're struggling too.  You've tried talking to close family and friends, but get the sense that they don't really know how to help you.  You aren't exactly sure what you need, but you know that something needs to change if you're going to be the kind of parent that you really want to be.   

You don't know how much longer you can keep this up.

There's so much in parenthood (and life) that is out of your control.  You're ready to focus on what IS in your control — like how you show up for yourself.  You want to make friends with big feelings so that you can spend less time being overwhelmed by them and more time focused on what matters most to you.  You want to stop making decisions from a place of crisis and instead make decisions from a place of intention and creativity.

You're ready to take charge of your life.

Becoming a parent can be AMAZING.  It can also be really, REALLY hard.  You don't have to do this alone.
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Hey hey!  I'm so glad you're here.  I'm Kayti (she/her), a multiethnic therapist specializing in perinatal mental health.  In my virtual therapy practice, I help new parents throughout California develop practical strategies to navigate pregnancy, the postpartum year, and work after baby.  Whether you're feeling overwhelmed by parenthood or just wanting to be intentional about your mental health during this major life transition, I'd love to support you.  

Perinatal Therapist in Salinas, CA

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Taking really good care of others starts with taking really good care of yourself.
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Learn to navigate the physical and emotional intensity of pregnancy with less struggle and more ease.

Online Therapy for Pregnancy

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Enjoy your first year with baby by clarifying and taking gentle steps towards what matters most to you.

Online Therapy for the Postpartum Year

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Design a meaningful life that honors your work in the world AND at home — whatever that looks like for you.

Online Therapy for Work After Baby

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"I'm super clear on the kind of life I want to create and have the tools I need to make it happen."
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