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From the moment you saw that positive pregnancy test, you imagined "the pregnancy glow," dotingly dressing your bump in cute maternity clothes, and feelings of pure joy about your baby's arrival. But if you're being honest, pregnancy has been ROUGH.       

You've always wanted to be pregnant, but this isn't what you expected.

Being in your body feels really difficult right now. 

You're not sure if you can handle what's next. 

Sure, you can grow a tiny human while you're cuddled up on the couch with your favorite TV show (how cool is that?!), but sometimes it feels like that's all you can bring yourself to do. You're exhausted, but too stressed out to get truly restful sleep. You're hungry, but you're nauseous and grossed out by your usual go-to foods. You're wanting to relax, but are just generally (and constantly) uncomfortable with assorted aches and pains.  You're feeling trapped in your body and wishing you could have your body back to yourself.  You may even start to resent your pregnancy — leaving you feeling guilty, ashamed, and worried this means you'll be a "bad" parent.

You're terrified of childbirth and have racing thoughts about everything that could possibly go wrong. You tell yourself it's to prepare in case something DOES go wrong, but really, it's leaving you with feelings of dread, panic, and helplessness. You're starting to feel overwhelmed by the thought that everything is about to change. You worry about what this new baby will mean for your relationships, your career, and your sense of self. You're grieving the anticipated loss of life as you know it, which is making it hard to enjoy the time you do still have left before baby arrives. You feel stuck in big feelings, and don't know how to find your way out. 

You deserve support.

As a perinatal therapist, I specialize in supporting new parents from pregnancy through the postpartum year.  With an emphasis on mindfulness, values, and action, I'm here to help you navigate the physical and emotional intensity of pregnancy with less struggle and more ease.   

I'm Kayti, a perinatal therapist in Salinas, CA.

Create a self-care plan that feels manageable, supportive, and realistic.

By the end of therapy, you'll have practical strategies to:


clarify and creatively connect with what matters most to you during your transition to parenthood.

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