Online Therapy for the Postpartum Year

Serving New Parents in Salinas and Throughout California

Overnight, you have a small human relying on you to meet their every need. Your days and nights become a sleep-deprived merry-go-round of feeding, diapering, and cries you don’t yet understand.  If you're being honest, you don't really know what you're doing and an internet full of conflicting parenting advice hasn't been as helpful as you'd hoped it'd be.     

Adjusting to parenthood is intense.

You miss your old life and secretly wish things could be how they used to be. 

You've been scared to tell your loved ones how you're actually doing. 

You miss feeling in control of your schedule.  You miss uninterrupted time with your partner. You miss spontaneous nights out with friends. You miss using your brain for things other than tracking an endless list of baby-care to-dos. You miss SLEEP.   You want to enjoy this season with your newborn, but you're feeling crushed with sadness about the loss of your pre-baby life and fear that you'll never feel like yourself again. 

If you did, they’d know how incredibly overwhelmed you feel. You’re either crying or on the verge of tears all day. You can’t sleep (even when the baby sleeps) because you’re constantly checking on them to make sure they’re okay.  Your mind is racing with scary thoughts about you or someone else accidentally harming your baby.  You’re feeling irritable with your partner, baby, dog, and/or anyone who crosses your path. Of course you love your baby, but you haven’t felt that magical bond you’ve heard so much about. Maybe you even regret having a baby or worry that you’re not cut out for parenting. You’re feeling lonely, lost, and defeated. 

I'm here to help.

As a perinatal therapist, I specialize in supporting new parents from pregnancy through the postpartum year (the first year with baby).  With an emphasis on mindfulness, values, and action, I'm here to help you enjoy this season of parenthood.  We'll be brutally honest about what's hard AND we'll take consistent, gentle steps to design a life you love.

I'm Kayti, a perinatal therapist in Salinas, CA.

Create a self-care plan that feels manageable, supportive, and realistic.

By the end of therapy, you'll have practical strategies to:

BUILD trust with yourself as you learn to make sense of your strong thoughts and emotions.

become the parent (and person on the planet) that you most want to be.

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